How to connect to your Star Family and other Guides

Next to self regression and the guided meditations there are other good ways for people to connect to their Star Family and/or other guides.

Gigi Young has a YouTube channel where she talks extensively about Star People.

Over the years Gigi has made several video’s and blog posts where she teaches people how they can connect to their own star family and ET Guides.

It’s a great starting point for people interested in learning how to connect to their ET family. 🙂

Meeting Guides & Frequency Matching.


How to connect with your guides.

Gigi her MoonBird blogpost that she talks about in the above video:

Star Guide Connection Process.

Gigi her blogpost where she has put on paper the steps of the above video:

In addition to watching these great video’s and reading Gigi her blogs, it can be really helpful to read up on this subject as well in book form. A great book on this subject is: Opening to Channel – How to Connect with your Guide, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer(PDF).

The book has 7 exercises in total. The first 4 create the foundation for channeling.
1) Achieving a Relaxed State of Being
2) Holding a Focus and Concentration
3) Attuning with Life Force Energy
4) Channeling Posture and Position

And the last 3 are about connecting and channeling your guide.
5) First Meeting with Your Guide
6) Verbally Channeling Your Guide
7) Questions to Ask Your Guide When you First Start

Use the information and exercises from this book and Gigi’s videos and blogs as a starting point for your own research into this subject. It should provide a good basis for people to (further) connect to their guides.

Do look further as well though if you are curious about this topic. Have a look on YouTube, have a look on Google. Ask around in some Facebook groups what has helped other people with connecting to their guides, etc. There is a lot of good information available these days. Find what resonates with you and share what helped you! 😀

Happy connecting!

The desire to know your own soul will outshine all other desire. ~Rumi