5 methods to assist awakening

1) Body Scan to connect to the physical body

Learning to reconnect with the body can be done through doing a body scan, yoga nidra has a very similar effect. You relax and focus your attention on different parts of the body under guidance. In this way you learn to connect with all the different bodyparts and also potential pains, emotions and  others energies that might be felt in certain areas of the body. Simply feeling what is going on your body is an important first step.

2) Release tension and trauma through body shaking, our inborn ability to release stress

Tension and Trauma can get stored in the body. Mammals use shaking as a method to naturally release stress they previously experienced. Humans can do the same but sometimes we have learned to suppress this natural stress releasing system. Since it is an inherent system in all mammals we can learn to use this natural shaking method for our benefit. Explore Tension and Trauma Release Technique to (re)learn this natural shaking method.

3) Connect to and learn to fully feel your emotions

Sometimes we learn to surpress our emotion (energie in motion in the physcial body) in our youth and/or later on. This is generally harmfull because it creates all kinds of stuck energy and blocks in the physcial body. It is important to learn to reconnect with these  stuck emotions, to fully allow them and feel them as they are in the here and now so the energy can get released/transmuted.

In certain fields people call this the pain body, the accumulation of all repressed and surpressed emotion from the moment of conception up til now.

4 steps to process the pain body.
1) Notice when negative thoughts or bad feeling energies are hijacking us.
2) See if you can find the emotion behind those thoughts or energies.
3) Bring your attention to the sensation of that emotion in your body.
4) Reach toward that sensation with your heart, breathe it into your heart.

Another method that can help with feeling all your surpressed and repressed feelings is the Letting Go method from David Hawkins.
Step One: What am I feeling? — STRESS, DESIRE, FEAR, GUILT, SHAME, ETC (sit with this as long as you need to). Focus on the EMOTION not the thought loop of who did what. Non-judgment: “Wrong to feel this way”
Step Two: Run TO it, not FROM it. — Spend 1-10 min here.
Step Three: Can I allow this feeling? — NEUTRALITY
Step Four: Could I let this go? — WILLINGNESS
Step Five: Would I let it go? — SURRENDER
Step Six: When, now? 

4) Breathwork – Connect to subconsious and unconsious parts of yourself.

Once you know how to release stress through body shaking and when you in addition know how you can connect and process old emotions a lot of the daily consious stresses can be processed.

In addition we can have older trauma stored in the body that might be more in the subconsious and unconsious parts of our system. By doing breathwork we can connect to those older stresses, tensions and traumas. And once we have reconnected through breathwork we can process it with the tools we learned in the earlier steps here.

5) Doing controlled body work like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, etc. 

Having learned al the earlier tools the last step that can be combined with all the earlier steps here is to start doing body work like Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong so you use and connect to your body. By connecting and using your body in such a controlled way somtimes old energies might come up but with the earlier steps these can be processed well.