Connect to the Cosmic Internet – Learn how to Channel

With channeling you can learn how to have an active connection with your guide(s) in the here and now. You can use that connection to both benefit yourself and others.

You form the bridge between their frequency realm and ours. It is a very interesting state of being and if you feel an excitement to learn more about it this information can be of assistance. (Have a look at this Channeling Checksheet)

We give a channeling course in 3 different parts.

Part 1 – Preparatory exercises

In part one, we do exercises to prepare you for channeling. You lay the foundation of how you can learn to connect to your guide(s). It consists of 5 exercises.

1) Achieving a Relaxed State of Being
2) Holding a Focus and Concentration
3) Attuning with Life Force Energy
4) Raise your Frequency one Step at a Time
5) Channeling Posture and Position

See the details for part 1 here.

Part 2 – Connecting with your guide(s)

In part two, we do exercises to connect you with your guide(s). You get to meet your guide(s), you and your guide(s) get attuned to each others energy, and if all parties are ready and feel comfortable with it you can start to channel your guide(s). It consists of 2 exercises.

1) First Meeting with your Guide
2) Verbally Channeling your Guide

See the details for part 2 here.

Part 3 – Getting experience with channeling your guide(s)

In part three people will be channeling their guide(s) in a safe and fun environment so you can gain experience with the channeling process. Learning by doing.

Once you start channeling more frequently, questions might arise along the way. It is good to be able to share and talk with others that are going through the same process under guidance of a more experienced person in these matters. In this way people can learn from and with each other and generally progress faster in developing their skill.

As with everything, if you want to get better at it – practise, practise, practise.
Have fun exploring and growing your channeling skills!

Going out into the everyday world

You can take each part of the course as often as you like and once you feel you are ready you can go out into the world and use your channeling skills there for the benefit of yourself and others, if you so choose.

The desire to know your own soul will outshine all other desire.