Tension & Trauma Release Technique (TRE) – Body Shaking to Release Stress

Tension and Trauma can get stored in the body. Mammals use shaking as a method to naturally release stress they previously experienced. See how both zebras and dogs use shaking as a way to calm down their system.

Humans can do the same but sometimes we have learned to suppress this natural stress releasing system. Since it is an inherent system in all mammals we can learn to use this natural shaking method for our benefit.

Here a short explanation of the process from the founder of this process, David Berceli.
A longer 45 minute introduction on the subject can be found here.

An explanation and demonstration of the specific exercises can be found here:

And here you can see 2 different people going through a full session:

It’s a very useable method to relax and reset your physical system. Give it a try and experience what it does to your body for yourself.

Next to TRE there are many other methods that induce this natural shaking mechanism to release stress from the human body. Here is a standing one.

If you do a search on YouTube you can find and explore some of these others methods also. Being able to release tension and trauma in this simple and natural way is a great tool in our journey towards more inner peace.