Designing harmonious natural abundance with Permaculture

Experiencing outer joy works even better if we can share it with other people, nature and all the other wondrous creatures that live upon planet earth.

Permaculture is the art of designing ecosystems that take into account the long term survival of humans and nature. Using design principles and techniques humans can create living eco systems that respect people and nature.

This short intro shows how we can live much better and happier lives by understanding and aligning with nature instead of working against her for providing our basic needs like clean water, food, etc.

This Farm Design can Heal the World

In this playlist both the theory of ecosystem repair is showcased together with practical examples of it. People restoring the ecosystems they are a part of from 5 continents and over 20 countries have been gathered here.

It shows how the UN is holding back the Sahara desert with permaculture techniques, it shows how India solved the water problems for a 1000 villages, how China has restored a degraded area the size of Belgium and Ethiopia has been regreening their highlands with benefits for nature and the people living there. But also examples from Canada, The USA, Austria, Portugal, Brazil etc. are given.

We can restore damaged ecosystems and doing this has benefits both for the humans living in them as well as for the many beings we share those ecosystems with. The knowledge and skill is available as this playlist shows, the next step is getting this information out to more people and getting the solutions implemented on larger scales.

Permaculture, food forestry, renewable (local) energy, etc. are just a few directions that we can research for ourselves to learn how to practically live in more harmony and joy on planet earth.