Train your brainwave state to connect with other beings

Our brain operates on different brainwaves during a 24 hour cycle. Our brainwave state has an influence on how we perceive and interpret our reality and surroundings.

In the book  Preparing for Contact: A Metamorphosis of Consciousness, the author Lyssa Royal explains that it is easier for extraterrestrial and/or multidimensional beings to connect to us when we are in the Alpha and Theta brainwave states. Some information from the book:

A great book if you are interested in how contact with ET’s can be developed on the individual and on the collective level.

Which method will assist you in acclimating yourself to an ET vibration?

First of all, we would say the most vital or the most efficient is the evolving of the self. We must always suggest that you allow the first step to be an internal process.

The alpha brainwave state occurs during meditation or daydreaming. The theta brain wave state occurs in deep meditation. It is also known as the threshold between waking and sleeping. In our understanding the theta state in humans is when most contacts occur.

You will begin to remember your contacts more clearly if you can do the following:

1) Train yourself to achieve theta consciousness and maintain it without falling asleep.

2) Train yourself while in theta to slide into the simultaneous reality in which many of the ETs exist.

3) Communicate there with us and then bring the memory back to your conscious mind.

If this can be achieved, you will very rapidly begin an open contact program beyond what you have imagined thus far. This is not necessarily an easy task, nor is it a necessary one, but it is just one of those many keys.
(Also see this PDF on the 7 steps for entering species adulthood)

Therefore it can be useful for us, if we are interested to connect with these beings, to train ourselves to be in the most suitable brainwave state for contact.
So how can we train ourselves to get into the Alpha and most importantly the Theta brainwave state?

1) Meditation is a great way to get into the Theta brainwave state. Have a look at the Heart, Brain and Energy Center Coherence meditations from Joe Dispenza described in another article on this website. You can find specific guided meditations online also.

2) Neurofeedback also known as EEG Biofeedback is a direct training of the brain where you get feedback from a machine that reflects back to you in what state you are. It gives a direct confirmation if you are in the Theta brainwave state for example or not. Once you learn to get into the Theta state by yourself and get this confirmed by the machine you can recognize the state after a while within yourself and let go of the feedback from the machine. You have now trained your own brain to go into the Theta state and you will know yourself when you are there.

3) Brainwave entrainment is a method to stimulate the brain into entering a specific state with external help, for example by using a pulsing sound, light, or electromagnetic field. The pulses elicit the brain’s ‘frequency following’ response, encouraging the brainwaves to align to the frequency of a given beat.
Binaural Beats are one example of this. Here a meditation with binaural beats focused to get you in the Theta brainwave state.

In addition there are all kinds of  technical devices that can be of assistance here. Look around a bit on the internet and see what resonates with you.

And surely there are other methods as well. Feel free to share your tips and experiences in the comments here so we can help each other to get more easily in the Theta Brainwave state so we can become more open to contact with ETs and other multidimensional beings.

One thought on “Train your brainwave state to connect with other beings

  1. Tools to explore the theta brainwave state:
    Devices that can teach you to initiate the theta state on your own
    – A few examples…
    Brain Devices for 2021 (Neurosity, Kernel, Muse, Levels, Dreem)
    – Make sure the device specifically can teach you to get into the theta state, many devices still use general algorithms, but some have compatible third party software that can be used.
    Brainwave entrainment
    – Pulsing light, sound and/or CES (Cranio-Electro Stimulation) that entrain the brain into the desired state.
    – Listening to bineural, moneural or isochronic pulses in the theta range.
    Link to sound file here
    – Using devices such as MindAlive that give off pulsing light, sound and/or electric pulses in the theta range.
    Regular meditation
    …will also enhance your ability to activate theta brainwaves with your intention. Setting the intent to explore theta states during the meditation might be helpful.

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