Human Initiated Contact Experiences ( HICE ) / Close Encounters of the 5th Kind ( CE5 )

The term “CE-5” was coined by Dr. Steven Greer, who had two experiences with beings who shared with him the importance of teaching people how to telepathically communicate with Extraterrestrials.

CE-5 is an acronym for: “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” The first four kinds of contact, CE-1, 2, 3 & 4, describes ET initiating contact with humans. CE-5 is the reverse: humans initiating contact with ET.

Human initiated contact does predate the protocol that was imparted to him. In our current era of history we are aware of Sixto Paz Wells and the Peruvian Mission Rahma group who started contact in 1974. In the 60s groups of hippies would initiate contact.

As well, shamans of indigenous cultures the world over have a fluid connection to ETs. We can assume in all likely-hood that throughout all of human history some of us along the way have figured out how to make phone calls to outer space.

This video has lot’s of good tips on how to do contact work:


It’s simple. ​

This free downloadable book/PDF will get you on the ground fast, with everything you need to know to help you see a UFO. There are three ingredients for contact:

1. Connection to One Mind Consciousness.
2. A Sincere Heart.
3. Clear Intent.

Any more questions? The answers are all here!

  • What is a “Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind?”
  • History of the UFO seekers movement
  • Tips and techniques
  • Meditations to use provided from groups all over the world
  • How to pick a location
  • How to navigate the night sky
  • Imperative information about laser pointers
  • Equipment and app recommendations
  • What communication is like
  • How to objectively discern sightings
  • Where you can find a UFO contact retreat
  • Links to social networks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Overcoming fears
  • Extensive glossary

You already have everything you need to make contact.
This book will help you get there faster. Have a look at:

CE5 meditation
This contact meditation is a great method to reach out to our star family.

Meditations and Mantras for Making ET Contact

@20:15 Breathing meditation
@36:44 Puja start
@43:44 Mantra