Awakening & Liberation

Awake – It’s Your Turn

How can we awaken to our true nature? How can we let go of all the mental-emotional baggage we have picked up during this lifetime starting from our conception?

How to experientially feel that we currently are, always have been, and always will be an integral part of All That Is?

There are many teachers, guides, etc. available that share their insights, wisdom and experiences around this subject of awakening, cessation, enlightenment, disentanglement, liberation, etc.

This interview with Angelo DiLullo, author of the book: Awake – It’s Your Turn is truly inspiring and comes highly recommended. The amount of clarity and detail is so refreshing and valuable.

Angelo has a YouTube channel called Simply Always Awake and on one part of the site he made a playlist where he interviews people that have gone through the various stages of awakening and liberation. I found these interviews with normal everyday people where they share their personal path very valuable.

And if Angelo his work doesn’t resonate, there are many more interviews with a lot of other teachers on the same channel Buddha at the Gas Pump. Have a look and maybe you can find a person there that you do resonate with that can guide you on your path to awakening and inner peace.