Guided Meditations – Meet your (ET) Guide(s)

Artwork by Vashta Narada

Guided meditations can be an interesting and useful tool to connect to your multidimensional nature.

The nice thing of a guided meditation is that you can do it from your own home. Simply find a comfortable place, turn on the meditation and listen to the person guiding you through the meditation.

It is free and you can try it for yourself so you can determine if it works for you or if it doesn’t. Just make sure to give it a couple of tries if it doesn’t work the first time. I sometimes end up having a great rest but not so much happening while other times there is a lot of interesting adventuring and connecting.

If you are a bit hesitant you can always just listen to a meditation first before participating in it. In that way you get a good idea of what the process entails. This understanding can help to relief any fears one might have about it. After understanding the whole process then you can decide if you want to start the meditation again and actively participate in it this time.

We share three different meditations here.

Opening to Channel Meditation – How to Connect to Your Higher Guidance
In this guided meditation Rashana guides you through a meditation that facilitates contact with your higher guidance and so helps you connect to your guides.

On her website you can get more guided meditations from Rashana.

Connecting With Your Star Brothers and Sisters.
In this meditation Steve Nobel connects us to 4 ET beings.

Steve Nobel has an amazing YouTube channel with lots of inspiring guided meditations. Really worth having a look around and trying out at least 3 different meditations of his.

Guided Meditation – Peaceful telepathic Interactions with Star Family
This meditation was developed by Dr. Steven Greer to use in CE 5 meditation and can be used to get consciousness in a deep state of unbound mind. In that state it is possible to contact extraterrestrial life forms and to invite any benevolent ET to interact with you.

There are more guided meditations by Steven Greer available on YouTube.

Meet Your ET Guide Guided Meditation |
In this meditation Gigi Young guides you in a process to connect to your personal ET Guide(s).

Happy multidimensional exploring!

Next to these three guided meditations you can find many more on YouTube. Try out a couple so you can find some that resonate well with you.

Artwork by Erial Ali