The Human Experience – Beingness is Worthiness

One of the most interesting experiences of connecting to The Arcturian Collective is this feeling of unconditional love for everything. It feels to me that they are beyond any sort of judgement.

They seem to understand on a very experiential level that we are all part of All That Is / Unity Consciousness or however you want to call it. And we always have been and we always will be part of that.

Our physical reality, the experience of time and space, all exist within All That Is. Nothing is outside of it, nothing can be excluded from it. The idea of separation is therefore a game, an illusion. At least that is how I experience it when I connect to them and their perspective.

Physical reality is the perfect arena to gain experience, which can lead to compassion, wisdom and skillfull means.

When it comes to human incarnations, instead of thinking in duality of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ they see it much more like an experiential game. You come to earth to experience beingness. It does not matter what kind of beingness. Any beingness is interesting, any beingness gives an unique perspective that adds to All That Is.

As long as people are experiencing life, they are doing ‘their job’ as I get it from the perspective of The Arcturian Collective.

As long as somebody is aware and is experiencing life, one is ‘doing their job’ here in this live experience. How we judge these experiences is up to us and in a sense an important part of the game. But the goal of life is beyond or maybe beneath these judgments of our minds. As long as there is a gaining of experience then that is ‘enough’.

People with relatively little experience might behave in a way that is not necessarily very effective or harmonious when it comes to optimizing their own and other peoples surviving and thriving here. Some behavior produces suffering for self and others. Other behavior produces harmony for self and others. But by experiencing those less effective paths people will actually learn what might be a more preferable path to walk instead.

The experiencing of what we do and don’t prefer is also called experiencing contrast. Experiencing contrast forms the foundation of making better choices towards what we do prefer, towards what does let us and others survive and thrive. This is a continuing process. Experience life and its contrast, make choices, experience life and its contrast, make choices, etc. In a sense that is the general goal of life.

The cycle of growth through physical experience.

The cycle of growth through physical experience summarized.

Through my channeling and the people that are attracted to it I have noticed that many people struggle with the idea of worthiness. I wish I could let people experience this frequency of The Arcturian Collective so they can experience for themselves that anything within All That Is, is simply by being and experiencing life, already worthy.

Worthiness is something you are, it is not something you need to earn. Worthiness lies beyond, in a sense beneath, our human judgments about others and ourselves.

If you are part of All That Is, it means that you are worthy, If you are experiencing life it means you are ‘doing your job’ here.

I just wanted to give this viewpoint because if people can tap into this for themselves it can really help them with finding more inner peace within.

A book that can help gain this insight on an intellectual level is: No Boundary by Ken Wilber. (Mirror) In the book he describes the boundaries our mind draws and so seems to ‘separate’ us from unity consciousness/All That Is. This illustrations shows the most common boundaries we draw on different levels.

From the book – No Boundary by Ken Wilber

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