Breathwork – Breath yourself to Inner Peace

The moment we get born we start breathing and we keep on doing this until we die.

Breathwork can greatly help people with releasing stored trauma from different parts of the brain, including our emotional and reptilian brain.

In addition, breathwork helps relief stress and can add to more and stronger feelings of inner peace.

There are many different breathing techniques, we will go into several methods here so people can get personal experience and can explore for themselves what they resonate with.

We start with Wim Hof‘s breathing method. He demonstrates how simple breathwork can be but how profoundly it can affect us. In this video he explains his process in detail. You can find a Guided Wim Hof Breathing Method video here.

This is a combination of more classic Indian Breathwork also called Pranayama with a meditation. First 15 minutes of 5 different breathwork methods and then a 20 minute mediation. The whole 10 day challenge can be found online here.

The next method is called SOMA breath. This combines breathwork techniques with energy transfer from your pelvic floor to your third eye, AUMing to connect your body through inner vibrations and it also uses music with binaural beats. All in all a great combination to feel more energetic and balanced. Try the video here:

The next method that demonstrates breathwork is that of Tony Robbins. He has made a routine what he calls – Priming your Day – which includes a breathing technique. In addition to the breathwork Tony Robbins adds other techniques like visualization and some physical movement. In this video Tony talks you through a whole session.

Here is a fully guided DMT Breathing Exercise session. The video contains the instructions so listen and follow along. This breathwork is longer than the previous ones and therefore tends to go a bit deeper into your systems.

Then there is a Quantum Light Breath Meditation guided by Jeru Kabbal. Another longer breathwork session with deeper effects. Have a look in the description at YouTube under this video how to get most out of a quantum light breath meditation.

The last form of breathwork we will explore here is called – Holotropic Breathing – and was founded by Stanislav Grof. This method is even longer and goes even deeper then the previous ones. A full holotropic breathwork session can last up to three hours and can bring full on psychedelic experiences with it.

Read up on holotropic breathwork before you start one of these longer sessions. If you feel that you know what you are getting into and are comfortable with experiencing the proces then this video can be used to do a – Do It Yourself Holotropic Breath Work – session at home. Otherwise see if you can find a local facilitator that can guide you through a full holotropic breath and bodywork session.

Trying these out should give you a good impression of what breathwork can do for a person. Also look around a bit further as well if you like. There are many methods that use breathwork and it can be worth exploring other methods as well. See if you can find a method or methods that resonate and work well for you and breathe yourself towards more inner peace!