The Power of 8 – Creating a harmonious group energy field

The Power of 8 is a great process where you use the power of group intention.

In this short video Lynne Mc Taggart explains the Power of 8 process in a simple and clear way. The process is easy to learn and it a great way to practise creating a harmonious and constructive group energy field. You learn to support other group members with your power of intention and they will help you in return.

It is a lot of fun to connect with like minded people, share your dreams and intentions with each other and to socialize in such a way and get to know each other better.

A step by step set of instructions on how to conduct a Power of Eight group to maximize the effect.

This illustration describes the process in 16 steps.
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The music you can use for setting up this Power of 8 circle is Choku Rei.
You can also find other nice harmonious music with your group.

A lot of additional information and other resources can be found on the website:

Having a nice group of people around you which whom you can share your intentions and can help you co-create your dreams and desires can be a great addition to outer joy.