Loving kindness meditation to increase Inner Peace

One way to cultivate Inner Peace is to do a Mettā meditation, also known as a loving kindness meditation.

Just like the Ho’oponopono technique you practice good feeling states of being when doing this. By bathing in these good feeling states you raise your frequency and can find more inner peace.

There are many varieties of this meditation but generally you practice feelings of empathy, kindness, love, happiness, harmony, etc. with a loving kindness meditation.

The first step is to cultivate feelings of empathy, kindness, love, happiness, harmony towards a subject that is very easy for you to feel love towards. A child or a pet might be a great place to start. Imagine sending feelings of love, kindness, empathy, harmony towards this being or person.

The second step is to cultivate these feelings towards yourself. Send yourself feelings of empathy, harmony, love etc. For a lot of people this is already a bit harder then the first step.

The third step is to cultivate these feelings towards people you generally like. Friends, some people in your family or whoever you feel comfortable with cultivating and sending these feelings towards in your meditation.

The fourth step is to do this towards people you know but feel very neutral towards. Maybe a colleague from work you don’t have much contact with or a neighbor you don’t know well.

The fifth step is to do the same but now you cultivate and send these feelings towards a person you dislike. Practice feeling empathy, kindness, love, harmony and send these feelings to this person in your meditation.

The sixth step is to cultivate these feelings towards all of humanity on planet earth.

That’s it. By practicing these feelings towards all kinds of people it becomes easier and easier to acces these feelings whenever you want. Even in the presence of people you (earlier) disliked.

To get started there are two guided loving kindness meditations embedded here. The first one with a female voice so you can get an idea of how it can work in practice. Simply listen and follow the instructions.

And a second guided meditation, this time with a male voice. Again simply listen and follow the instructions so you get another idea of how this meditation can work.

It might be good to experiment a bit and create or find a loving kindness meditation that fits you personally well.

Once you have created or found a loving kindness meditation that works well for you, then do this meditation every day for about 10 to 15 minutes for a week and see how you feel.

Do you feel you are generally in a place where inner peace is more readily available to you? If that is the case then why not make it a daily ritual? 😉