Inner Peace – Transforming Fear

Finding and experiencing more inner peace is an important part of a fulfilling life. In my own journey I have tried many viewpoints and different techniques and permission slips. Here I have collected those that worked well both for myself and that I have seen work well for many others as well. 

Inner peace is a state of being where there is no resistance against what is. Accepting and being at peace with what is makes it easier to move into what you prefer, because all your energy can be spent on taking action towards what you prefer instead of putting energy in resisting or arguing with what is.

Being able to transform ‘negative’ emotions like fear, anger, sadness and perceived limitation is a path to more inner peace. Understanding how to transform this into curiosity, love and openness is an essential step to keep on expanding our consciousness.

The following information, tools & permission slips can greatly assist people in doing that, and therefore in finding and experiencing inner peace. 🙂

-) The Human Experience – Beingness is Worthiness
-) Breathing Yourself to Inner Peace
-) The 5 step cycle of creation – How our thoughts shape our (experience of) reality
-) Investigating, turning around and transforming (bad feeling) thoughts
-) Ho’oponopono; A Hawaiian shamanistic forgiveness and healing technique
-) Loving kindness meditation to cultivate Inner Peace
-) Emotional Freedom Technique – Energy Tapping
-) Integrating yourself (further) with The Completion Process
-) The Body Keeps the Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma

Inner peace can come from transforming our experience of our ‘outer world’