Connect to your feelings and needs and learn how to set healthy boundaries

Thai Gibson is a person with great and deep insight into the attachment style we develop as children to our caregivers and how the different ways of minor and major childhood trauma can show up later in life.

The 4 main different attachment styles are: Secure attachment, Anxious attachment, Avoidant attachment and Fearful-avoidant attachment. Take her quiz here to see which attachment style(s) fits you most.

Working through and optimizing the patterns from growing up can be of enormous benefit in your relationship to yourself to your loved ones, your co workers and the broader external world in general.

The Personal Development school teaches us to connect to our own feelings, to understand and connect to our needs, how we can learn to fulfil our own own needs first but then also how to ask other people to help fulfil them in a healthy way.

In addition it is about learning to set  healthy boundaries and how to enforce these in a healthy manner. What is enmeshment and how do co-dependency patterns form and how can we heal these?

By understanding and healing ourselves our own life quality will increase and in addition we can show up in a kinder and more healthy way to the people around us also.

By understanding ourselves and being better in relating to ourselves and others we will create more harmonious life’s with both more inner peace and more outer joy.

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